Speech and Language Therapy
Behavioral ONE's licensed speech and language pathologists utilize evidence-based practices to treat a variety of speech and language deficits in both children and adolescents. Individual treatment plans and programs are designed to meet the specific needs and deficits of the client.  These services are designed to meet the specific needs and deficits of the client, and can include therapy to address articulation deficits, pragmatic language deficits, as well as social skill deficits. Our speech pathologists utilize a variety of tools and standardized assessment procedures to assess each client’s specific needs and develop appropriate programs.  

Behavioral ONE's Speech Services Include

Expressive and Receptive Language
Articulation, Phonology and Fluency
Apraxia and Oral Motor Skills
Pragmatic Language
Social Skills Development
Individualized Treatment Plans

Data Collection and Analysis
Monthly Progress Reports​​
Parent Training and Support 

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